What Is Envy Trying to Tell You?

"There is nothing more painful than seeing someone doing what you were created to do and not doing it." -Glennon Doyle

We shy away from envy because it’s an uncomfortable feeling. What if however, we decided to put our pride aside...our ego aside, and allow envy to be our guide?

It’s so easy to let hate take over and make a case as to why that person “shouldn’t” be doing whatever it is we think they don’t “deserve” to be doing...criticizing and analyzing every move they make. That’s fear talking. That’s envy talking.

I’ve been there...and for a really long time I had convinced myself that it wasn’t about me at all, but when I got honest with myself, I discovered that that wasn’t true.

I wanted what they had, and instead of hustling and working for it, I spent my energy thinking about how they were doing it wrong...picking apart every minute detail that I could, in hopes that it would make myself feel better.

It didn’t work.

They continued on...growing and thriving...and I sat stagnant with anger and resentment.

We lose when we choose fear. We lose when we let resentment and anger guide us. Sit in the discomfort of envy and ask yourself...”what is this feeling telling me? And then, what can I do with that wisdom?” Envy is a normal emotion. It’s what thoughts and behaviors come AFTER that initial emotion that we need to change.

What are you envious of in this moment and what could it be trying to tell you??