Ditching Your Fixed Mindset

"I just HATE social media."

"I don't have time to write."

"I can't afford help."

"There is already so many people in this space, there's no room for me."

"My website isn't quite there yet, so I am going to wait until it's done."

Any of these sound like you? Yeah, I've said it all too, but guys, this is that FIXED MINDSET that holds us back. When we make excuses or talk ourselves out of showing up, we get further and further away from our goals. 

The ONLY difference between someone who is killing it in their career and someone who is still sitting on the sidelines, is mindset. When algorithms change on social media, they don't complain, they adapt. When time is an issue, they don't just stop, they reprioritize and make the time. When money is an issue, they don't quit, they get creative...they barter  forservices, they go back to The University of Google and figure it out, and instead of waiting for every detail to be perfect, they just start, because they know that done is better than perfect. 

We have to notice the thoughts we allow into our headspace and we have to notice how limiting they can be. Don't let your fixed mindset hold you back from perusing your dreams, from being uncomfortable, from showing up for yourself. 

Get your journal and start replacing those old thoughts with new ones that will serve you. Get those fixed mindset thoughts outside of your head and write down growth mindset thoughts that you can replace them with. Get into the habit of writing it down until the muscle becomes so strong that a growth mindset comes as naturally as breathing.