The Redefined Day Journal

The Redefined Day Journal

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The Redefined Day Journal is perfect for anyone who wants to take back their power and control over the thoughts that run ramped in our mind.

Our journal guides you back to yourself, back to your own authentic voice to help you find contentment in the life you already have…a life you can take action on…a life you are excited to live.

The Redefined Dailies will help you set the intention for your day. It will sort out thoughts you have and help empower you to find your why, take action on the things you can control, and remind you of your greatness and purpose on this earth.

The Impact Pages will help you overcome those tough moments and help you tap into the answers that you have hiding inside.

The Empowerment Pages will help you sort through those thoughts that hold you back from taking action on accessing your best life.

A life coach is staring back at you in the mirror! Let me help you find her.

* In addition to purchasing your journal, you will also be granted a FREE MEMBERSHIP to The Redefined Day Insiders Club. Inside the club, you will have access to exclusive content, tips for growing personally, podcast and book recommendations and feedback, thought provoking questions and content for group discussion, tips for professional development, social media strategy tips to help you pursue your own passions, a forum to ask questions in regards to your personal and professional struggles, and so much more!!!

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