what are people saying?

It helped me realize that I have the power to succeed!
— Jaime

"It's really helped me acknowledge my emotions and get them out of the way so that I can redirect my thoughts towards the task at hand and then realize that I have the power to succeed. I use it every morning at work and it helps me make rational decisions that aren't based in emotion. 


a therapist in your back pocket”
— Dr. Stefani Reinold, M.D.

"Julie Kimock's Redefined Day journal is legit, y'all. As a board certified psychiatrist, I'm extremely mindful of materials that I recommend. But I want my patients to buy and use her journal! She blends core psychological principles of cognitive behavioral therapy with emotional regulation practices and spiritual encouragement. It is hands down, one of the best "products" I could recommend for someone truly wanting to "work on themselves" without a budget for individual therapy, counseling, or coaching. I say "product" liberally, because this is more like having a therapist, best friend, and life coach in your back pocket-accessible whenever you need it. I use my journal daily and hope you (and all my patients) will too!

-Dr. Stefani Reinold, M.D. 

I can’t wait to get mine!
— Amber

I just found this journal and I can't wait to get started. Work can be so stressful and so chaotic and I think this will help me take back my life!"


This is on my favorite list!
— Diana

I just started using mine today and I have to say, mind blown! I had PPD 2 years ago but still struggle with negative thoughts. So many of us do, I'm sure! This journal really helped me break down my thoughts and how I can improve myself! I highly recommend it and I am a total journal junkie! This is on my favorite list!



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