Q: Who is best suited for the redefined journal?

A: Anyone who struggles with negative thought patterns, overwhelm, indecisiveness, stress, and anxiety. 

Q: Can I return the redefined day journal? 

A: I take great pride in my journal and every one is hand packaged by me with love and care. All sales are in fact final unless there is something defective with your pages, then I will do my best to assess the damages on a case by case basic. 

Q: Does the Redefined day journal take the place of a therapist? 

A: The journal is a true labor of love and is a culmination of everything that has worked for me in my own personal journey towards self-understanding, contentment, and peace. However, I am not a licensed therapist or psychologist and therefore, this journal is merely an aid to help get your thoughts outside of your body and onto paper. Should you need true help, please seek out the assistance of a trained professional or medical physician.