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Pinterest can be such an amazing tool for your brand or business. It's a huge source of traffic for so many of us, and I encourage you to tap into this platform so that it can help serve you too! 

Here are my FIVE best tips for using Pinterest in 2018!

  1.  Plan ahead! Start planning your boards now for holidays and events that are two-three months out. If it's June or July, you should be creating boards for Fall and back to school... Back to school outfit boards, How to pack the best school lunch board, Best DIY fall decorations board...you get the picture. If your brand or business put out a monthly magazine, what would be in it? Don't just create boards with your content, create boards that are complementary to your own and build your Pinterest "magazine" with amazing seasonal content too! 
  2. Pinterest just recently rolled out the new "Following" tab. It's a brand new feed with pins and boards from people you follow exclusively. What this means for you as an entrepreneur now is that "followers" matter. If you have more followers, your content will be engaged with sooner which helps the algorithm push your well received content out to the recommended feed in the home screen...i.e. people who don't follow you will have the opportunity to see your pins if your content does well within your own community. Your following amount isn't the end all be all, but it helps get your ball rolling!
  3. Hashtags are coming back! BUT, It's going to take awhile for it to catch on. A lot of content creators are starting to use them as they can now be used as another entry point for potential followers. *NOTE: Don't go back and add them to old pins, just start adding them into your new ones. 
  4. You don't need to spend hours on the platform in order to see results. Consistency is better than quantity. Pinning 5 times a day every day is better than pinning 100 times on one day and not coming back for another week or two. Space it out. Just spend 5-10 minutes per day on the platform either personally or through Tailwind to get the best results. *NOTE: Don't forget to create pins for your new content! You can create a few pins for one piece of content. 
  5. Use 600X900 pixels. The long form pins are not ideal anymore, nor are square pins! Need help creating gorgeous graphics for your amazing content? I'd love to help! Visit my shop for prices HERE.